Survey Form - Bootstrap - Feedback

What do you guys think? Any obvious places for improvement? Learning bootstrap, so I added a bit of it on the page. I really like how it came out. Took some time to get this one done! (:slight_smile:

From a functional point of view it looks good. It’s just missing some design aspects. Everything just sticks to the left with very little room to breathe. Viewing it on a big screen there is a lot of white space to the right, making the content of the page almost disappear. Make it visually more balanced and you got a great page.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Updated the page to center some of the items. Also put in some margin and padding between some of the content.

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Not trying to be harsh but other than using jumbotron I don’t see much bootstrap styling here.

  • using bootstrap you really shouldn’t be using the <br> tag. Even if it’s not bootstrap, you shouldn’t use this, use CSS instead
  • you have two text input areas and you have text in both of them. Not placeholders, text. So it’s included with whatever I type in unless I clear it
  • I should be allowed to click on the labels to select, not just the radio button or checkbox
  • you have multiple uses of an id. Id’s are allowed only once
  • and as already has been mentioned, this is left heavy

Bootstrap forms utilize classes such as .form-group or .form-inline for styling, etc


Hmm… when I entered the birthdate, the oldest I could get is about 4 or 5 months!
in some cases, I don’t even exist!
add some years-- maybe from 1970 - 2008.
all other things are really nice!
good job!

Thanks for your input on the form page. Added alot of bootstrap classes. Still planning on updateing the webpage every now and then.
will be removing
tags soon. Also tried adding and shifting content to the right and center.

Really appriciate the feedback you gave me!

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