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So far I have set up my page with the basic HTML and some CSS structure. I started following the User Stories as guidance. My first problem is that my work is not showing up on the far right where my progress is supposed to show. My second problem is that when I run my test, none of them have check marks but instead only stay as X’s as incomplete. What am I doing wrong?
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/* file: index.html */

/* file: styles.css */
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>FreeCodeCamp Survey Form</title></head>
<h1 id="title">Let's Learn Code Survey</h1>
<p id="description">Help us make coding a better experience for you!></p>
<form id="survey-form">

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Challenge: Survey Form - Build a Survey Form

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One thing is your form element should have an opening and closing tag.

Gotcha, thanks I added the closing tag for the Form element. Before I even got to that part nothing ever shows or gets checked off as completed.

Sounds like you might not have content in your form element.

May I ask what step your on?

Understood. The thing is I never added anything to my Form element yet because nothing is showing even before I got to that step. Like if I were to start from scratch and create everything up to my p element with the id description, still nothing ever shows as far as progress and they are never checked off. when I Run Test

I just typed an h1 element and I got one check for completed task.

One thing I did notice is that if this the project, where is your css styles code in the meta area?

Hi yes, this is for the FreeCodeCamp Survey form where I pretty much have to buil it on my own and use the Survey site as a reference. Basically steps 1 and 2 aren’t being checked off as completed and it’s not showing anything in the blank page so that I can see my progress. Step 1. 1. You should have a page title in an h1 element with an id of title . Step 2. 1. You should have a short explanation in a p element with an id of description

Look up on google on how to do each step. You need to set up the right beginning to have the seo format for a webpage. This includes title, meta tag, doctype, lang, styles sheet for css, and more.

To be honest I’m still understanding all of this. I’m referring to a few notes I took as well as outside sources. I will take your advice in doing each step from the very beginning.
Thank You

Sorry I should have started with this but I’m going to copy and paste your code to the fcc challenge and troubleshoot.

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Ok. i can help a little. The forum has new policy, for this reason. we all have to learn in this field to be able to search and learn on our own. This is why the projects dont have videos or spoiler alerts. My suggestion on what im allowed to say is this. Go back to your older lessons, and look at the steps you are on.

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I appreciate your help. I’m going to start over and just try with the basics of HTML first without css. I will soon post my new code. Hopefully it works.
Thank so much

I’m pretty sure all you need to do is just click “run the tests” as that’s what I did without modifying your code and I got quite a few tests to pass.

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There you go. No worries,. keep it up your learning a whole new language. People don’t know that it takes time.


That’s strange so it does work for you? When I click run the code it still doesn’t pass.

It does work for me. hmmm…

I’ll share a screenshot.

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