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Here is what I have. Not sure why mine doesn’t do the same.

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I’m investigating your screenshot.

You could try refreshing the page. Your code is here so you can copy/paste it after you refresh. The refresh button on your browser is the little circular arrow next to your forward/back page navigation on your browser. Try running the tests again after you refresh it.

Sorry but it’s still not working haha. I’m going to take a mental break and think about it for a little bit.

Sounds like a good idea.

Open your browser’s console (not the FCC Console) and clear it out before clicking the Run Tests button. Post a screenshot of what you see.

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He wrote HTML code in styles.css tab…


Hi @Xerxes757.

Write the HTML code in the index.html tab not the styles.css tab.

Make sure the index.html button is selected and has black background like the picture above.

Hope that helps

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Thank you for the feedback. I was able to open my console and I chose the “clear console” option. I honestly don’t know where to go from here. Here is what it looks like so far

Have you tried writing your code in the index.html tab?


Hi Alfonsus, sorry I tried to respond the other day but I reached my limit of comments for the day and had to wait 20hours lol. I also tried to DM you but the Message icon won’t pop up when I hover over your avi.
Anyways, thank you because that was one of the main things also. I had to open my HTML tab but I realized that my original code did not have , closing tags. Now it works!

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Just wanted to say thank you everyone for your input. It forced me to critically think with some trial and error. After stepping away for a while and coming back to start it from scratch I realized the final issue was that I didn’t have my closing tag for . A simple thorough proof read I realized is very important with code.
Here is is

I am glad things worked out for you. I am glad that you reflected upon yourself on the improvement that you have made…

But that thing…

That is horrifying to see…

The right part as you can see does not have proper syntax highlighting…

And as you can see here in this red squiggly lines, it is screaming to you REALLY bad to not put HTML in CSS file…

Please, I know you are just trying to pass this challenge but for the love of god build a proper good coding habit and follow common practices.

One step at a time

Hope you have a nice day

Ah ok I see what you mean. So should I just be writing my code in the HTML tab only for now.? If so then what exactly should I put in the CSS file?

Thank You

yes correct. index.html file for html
styles.css for css (the styling code)

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Roger that. I appreciate it!

By the way, again thank you but I couldn’t help but feel that your end response came off a bit rude. Please never speak like that to me again, especially if you probably wouldn’t do so to me in person. Remember, you were once just starting out as well. Never forget that.

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hi Sharif,

please allow for differences in language. This is a global forum. And words here are not always meant the way you imagine. (plus it is normal in human relations - even online - to have some friction or frustration. You seem like a polite person, so I imagine in real life if someone is a little short with you, you wouldn’t call them out on it - especially if they are a stranger trying to help you. I mean, a little grace is always appreciated, as I’m sure you feel in real life as online)

Yes I was a bit frustrated there myself. I do appreciate his help as well as everyone else’s. I just really want to get better as I know it takes much time and dedication. It’s no hard feelings at all. I’ll give myself some time and space next time.
Thanks again.


You’re a good person. I wish you well.

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