Survey form challenge question

Hi y’all

I have some questions for general people of the forum and also a few for the people who work for codecamp.


Now on to my questions on the survey challenge.
I finally got passed most of what I was struggling with previously, but am now having trouble with the text boxes. My code is showing up inside of the text boxes instead of the placeholder and I don’t know why. Also, I still can’t get the test to work. Its like it just doesn’t exist, even though I have the code for it.

Here is my code so far:

Hi Crow,

there is a typo in the closing tag of the textarea. It says “textearea”. If you change that, it displays normally.

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you have syntax errors to fix:

  • often there is a space missing after the closing quote of a value of some attribute, please add those spaces
  • line 1, it’s script, you have written scipt
  • the id value must be unique, you use id="dropdown" on line 23 and then again on line 32
  • line 78, p2 is not a valid element name
  • line 79, you wrote textearea when it should be textarea
  • you are missing the closing </form> tag