Survey text not showing


I have been staring at this for ages so maybe I just can’t see something simple because of this but I can’t see why the text after the dropdown and the next question are not showing? The are also all surrounded in a box which suggests they registering as one div but can’t see what I have missed. Any help would be appreciated. The link is here:

Hi @HollyDY,

I’m not 100% sure its causing this exact issue but you have a couple instances that look like this: <id="background"> or <id="dropdown" required placeholder="choose by clicking here">. In both cases there isn’t an html element in place. There are also some other various HTML errors. There are several “unmatching” tags. You don’t need an html tag in Codepen and your link to the stylesheet is unnecessary. The red lines underneath some of the tags can be helpful to find and fix the tag errors.

Good luck!
-4trio19 :pineapple:

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Thanks for your reply! I will take a look but this all seems really helpful.