Survey Page Challenge

Hi all,

I’m really liking the freecodecamp system so far. I’m working on the survay page challenge and running into some issues. It’s been going pretty smoothly so far, but I’ve just run into a problem where one of my elements is not displaying, but the elements just after are…and I can’t figure it out.

Do I just link my pen, or?

I added a bunch of comments to the code as well as one that says “WHY ISN’T THIS SHOWING AT ALL?” to highlight the area I am trying to figure out. One of the radio buttons is slightly shifted compared to the others and I can’t figure that out either :frowning:

Everything in the page seems to be doing what I expect it to be doing except this and I don’t understand / can’t figure out why. I’ve checked through the entire section and can’t find any missing div tags or closing brackets or anything…it’s possible I’ve missed them but I’ve gone over it a few times now.

Anyone able to take a look?

Thanks in advance for your help!

edit: solution was I missed the closing tag for the “select” dropdown box.

Try wrapping the text inside of the div in either a heading or p element.
You have a container but nothing to hold the writing in.

Turns out i was missing the closing select tag for the dropdown box.

added that and it looks good now.

Glad it was all resolved.
Keep it up, Tony.

Codepen does not require /allow to put html or body tag in the HTML section,
you just need to put your main code which you usually put in body.
and put all your style in CSS section without style tag.