Survey question

Hi before i start my second project I’d like to know if it has to be a regular survey or could it be a purchase menu perhaps with the same style as a survey?

I’m pretty sure it’s up to your artistic interpretation, as long as all of the stories are there.

But to be sure, maybe a Mod @bradtaniguchi could help guide you on the specifics.

As long as it meets the written requirements and passes all the tests, you are welcome to get creative. If you have a project idea that doesn’t really fit with the freeCodeCamp challenge, then I recommend doing it as an independent project and practice writing your own requirements for it.

Hi what am i doing wrong here, this isn’t complete yet but ive just noticed that my questions aren’t showing for the radio and checkbox section.

Hi @Shakes,

I checked a little to see what issue you are meeting. I am gonna focus on one element of your code to show you what is wrong:

<label for="Reason_for_your_choice" id="<b>Reason for your choice<b>"


If you watch carefully, you can see some issues:

  1. Your opening label tag is not close: <label>
  2. There is no text between your opening and closing label tags. I guess that the text you want to print is: Reason for your choice
  3. An ID, or even a class, shouldn’t have spaces and shouldn’t be sentences. It should be closer to key words to identify easier an element of your document.

Tell us if you still meet print issues.

I fixed it but my question and my answers are both bold for some reason even in the checkbox section where i didn’t usethe bold option

You didn’t close the <b> element.

<b>Reason for your choice<b> <!-- closing tag missing the / -->

I would suggest using CSS for such styling and not the <b> element.

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