Survey form done looking for feedback

Hi guys, second post on the matter, finished the survey form would like your opinions

tips on how to make a better media query for my phone, the width isn’t let’s say “fixed”, on portrait mode.


Hi there,

Your survey form looks good! Nice box shadow. I would make the background color of the body a little darker so the title and sub-title show up better.

As for the media query, I honestly never used max-height in a media query. I’ve only needed max-width. When I removed width: 100vmax; from your media query, the survey form continues to narrow when you decrease the screen size.

Hope that helps.

First of all thanks I appreciate it, I really like this background but yeah I did notice the sub-title isn’t shown too well.

About the mediaquery, if I remove width: 100vmax;
I can’t see the submit button, but what I was refering to I have samsung s9 plus, and you know when something is too wide on your phone, you can move it with your finger from left to right, that is my problem right here.

so yeah, over all, thanks :).