Survey Form: Feedback, please

Hi y’all! Finished my first survey form. Any feedback/suggestions for improvement are appreciated​:nerd_face::pray:t4::innocent:. Thanks guys!

First Survey Form

Hello there!

I actually really like this survey form. It looks very tweaked, the font is awesome in my opinion, and it goes very well with the pale pink color. Everything is very complete and I even want to know if it’s a real library!
The only thing I would change is the shadow of the image on the top left, it’s too much on the x-axis is not enough on the y-axis for my taste, but it’s a really small detail which depends on individual appreciation.
Keep going on this path, it’s really great!


I saw another little problem!
This is how it looks like on mobile phones:

Some improvements are therefore needed here!

~ Alex


Thanks so much for the feedback! Much appreciated. It’s not a real library😇. Just made it up.

I am trying to imagine what the better balance is with the x-axis and y-axis :nerd_face:. When I discovered the box shadow, I just fell for it and want it applied everywhere​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Ill absolutely take that into consideration for the future. But just in case, I want to keep the shadow, you’re saying it will be balanced if I had something going on the Y-axis, too? Correct? And I assume that applies to the whole page, say one with columns? I did the Product Landing Page, and I had a video on one column and rows of texts on the other (grid with 3 columns, 1 for video and 2 for the texts). Would that be too busy? Heavy on 1 side? I appreciate that CSS makes HTML readable/enjoyable, so any ideas on that?

Also, if it looks very tweaked, it’s because i worked extra extra extra on it. And I was told even if it passes HTML & CSS validations & the test suite, there might still be room for improvement, ergo​:nerd_face::nerd_face:

Thanks again, Alex!

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Oh Ok. Thank you. I actually havent learned how to adjust for the mobile viewing​:relaxed:, but ill definitely get to that. I showed my Product Landing Page to a friend since it was for her store I made the page for, and she said that on her phone, they were all smushed, but there was a dialog box saying so​:grin:. Ill work on that​:ok_hand:t4::pray:t4:

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you’re saying it will be balanced if I had something going on the Y-axis, too? Correct?

Exactly! I’ve got a little tip for you that i often use:

As you can see, I used the box-shadow property with the x-offset, y-offset, blur radius and color. What i often do is putting a size I want for the x-offset, and then put 80% of it on the y-offset so it makes like it pops out of the screen (don’t forget that you can also put negative values for the offset ^^). Then, I use the same number for the blur radius than for the y-offset, it makes it more realistic (because the more shadow there is, the more it means that the element “moves away” from the page, and therefore the further an object is removed from the surface, the more its shadow is blurred). I like it this way but it’s only a tip I use a lot, your choice to use it or not!

~ Alex

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ok i am trying it now asap :ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4::nerd_face::innocent:. thanks bunches!

I think you should add media query because I’m on my phone and everything is really small and out of line.

But it’s really cool!

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thanks so much! will add a media query asap​:ok_hand:t4::nerd_face:

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