Survey form: looking for feedback

Hi! I just finished the survey form, my second HTML/CSS project.
I would love to hear what you think :smiley: All feedback’s appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @codoge!

I think your page looks good.

A couple of things.

Please do not use br tags for create space between elements. Use css instead.

   <label for="frozen"><input type="checkbox" class="check-box" name="food" id="frozen" value="frozen-tofu">
            Frozen Tofu</label>

Also, you have an empty media query at the end of your css.
@media (max-width: )

Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot! I will fix them.

Hey @codoge, I’m also working on my survey form and I’m pretty new to this all but just wanted to say I loved your form!!! The theme is so creative :yum:

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aww thanks! that’s so sweet

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One piece of advice, don’t set the height on elements that contain text in px, use em instead. The elements should be able to grow taller as the text size increases.

If you don’t know how to manually increase the text size, using Firefox, go to Edit->Preferences, scroll down to Zoom and activate ‘Zoom text only’. Then while holding down the Ctrl key scroll your middle mouse button to increase the text size. Your page should be able to handle at least a 200% increase in text size.

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