Survey Form: really need a feedback

Hello everyone! Please I need a feedback, I doubt about the position of elements in the form. I used many <br>. What do you think?


Hi @ramquist, welcome on the forum :slight_smile:
Rather than using the <br> to separate the items, I’d suggest you to use CSS for that, working with the display and margin properties.

Html is supposed to give the structure of the document, usually in a very ugly way if used alone.
Than you would use CSS to style it and make it “prettier”.

Edit: I really love the color choice :slight_smile:


I must say your font selection is good.
I will definitely go with @simonebogni 's words. Your structure should be as dummy as it could be.
Line-heights, Line-breaks, Word-Space, Letter-Space etc are topics related to styling for which CSS exists.

I am a beginner too please let me know how does my Survey Form look :-

Happy Coding!


Your background is wonderful, but may be you could stop the loop of repetitions so that the user can concentrate.

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@ramquist Nice!
Here are some suggestions.
You can improve the look of the page in mobile view using media queries by increasing the width of elements like this.

  • Increase the width of elements in mobile view.
@media only screen and (max-width: 500px) {
    header {
        width: 90%;
    #survey-form {
        width: 98%;
        padding: 1rem;
    #comments {
       width: 98%;
       box-sizing: border-box;
    #dropdown {
       width: 50%;
      label {
      margin: .5rem;

  • Change the textarea font.
textarea {
    font-family: inherit;
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@ramquist, nothing wrong with using a lot of <br> tags.
The gradient is a really nice color!
Maybe add a little border-radius on your inputs.

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Almost everybody at freecodecamp makes sure the person filling out the form is 18 or older, but I’m thirteen. That’s why I’m always bugged out about survey forms with age limits. I’m a semi-genius that’s why I’m here.