Survey Form project Feedback needed

Hello here is my Survey Form Project feedback please


Hey there! You have a great project

The first thing that stands out is consistency. The dropdown menu’s option is bold and larger than the rest of the form. The radio option has a border around it. You want everything to be consistent in order for it

I would add some padding inside the inputs so the text isn’t right on top of the border. Margin should be added to the bottom of each section just to keep each its own identity. You might want some kind of way to identify which portions are required in order to submit the form (normally identified with an asterisk).

Finally, I don’t know if you just typo’d (it definitely happens in programming), but you have a selector in your CSS #jobSelect h3,#jobSelect #dropdown {. When you use IDs, it is the most specific way to select it. So you can shorten it to #jobSelect h3, #dropdown {.

Otherwise, you have a fantastic project, keep it up!

Sorry for late my laptop have a problem .You’re right for the ID’s i just notice it and thanks for your remarks I’ll correct them ASAP