Survey Form Project user story 9 help

so this is the portion i have an issue with right now. Might be a simple answer but i want to make sure im doing this right.

User Story #9: If I enter numbers outside the range of the number input, which are defined by the min and max attributes, I will see an HTML5 validation error.

How am i to know what the min-mix values should be? I know theyre requesting a phone number but how do i tell the code that?

Hello there,

I looked at the user story 9 and don’t understand where they are asking/requesting for a phone number? Phone numbers have different input (type=“tel”).

They are not requesting phone number from what I can see. They are requesting Age and here you can use minmax 1/200.

Hope this helps.

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the only reason i assumed it was phone number was because from user story #7 it states " Inside the form, I can enter a number in a field with `id=“number”

I guess i shouldnt assume lol. Thanks man

What a late reply on my behalf too! SMH :expressionless: