Survey form question 1

Hi guys, can you help me understand where i am wrong?
This is my code so far, ty :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum.

Please ask specific question. Part of being a developer is analyzing problems and being able to communicate them. But, since I’m bored, happy, and a little drunk…

Your first error is:

  1. If I enter numbers outside the range of the number input, I will see an HTML5 validation error.’

Minimum number should be defined : expected NaN not to be NaN AssertionError: >Minimum number should be defined : expected NaN not to be NaN

Read that. It is trying to tell you what the problem is.

Then look at the relevant code:

<input id="number" type="number" min:"8" max:"25"></input>

Is that how you assign attributes for an HTML element? You have a wrong character for each of those validation attributes. When I change those two characters to the correct ones, that test now passes.

You should work through the failing tests like that. If you get stuck again, check back, but please do some analysis, provide information, and ask a question - so we don’t have to do a scavenger hunt.

I’m not trying to get on your case here - just trying to help you understand first how to help yourself, and secondly how to ask for help.


ty for the answer :slight_smile:
i stared at the screen to see where i was wrong and didnt thought about switching : with = ill try be more careful next time

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