Survey Form projet Rem07

Hi you can find below the link on the second projet build a survey form.

Can you give me a feedback ?

I have a specific question to align my button (submit) in my form.
I have forced a text-align center in my table :

Can you tell me if an other way is possible ?


Very nicely done!


Here are some adjustments to add:

  1. Symmetry: Add a margin at the bottom of your Submit button that should be equal to the one between the first lines of your survey “Let us know we can improve…” and the top border of the white background.

  2. Better Color: Replace the homogeneous background color with a gradient one to make it look better. Already seen in courses but here is the Syntax: background: linear-gradient(direction, color-stop1, color-stop2, ...);

  3. Readability: Make the main container of your content ( the white background and its content you named: .centerPartForm) wider for smaller devices. As usual media query should be used.

Good luck.