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Free Code Camp Survey Form (

Help! I cannot get past #4 which would require I make the form/input fields within name, email and number elements a “required” field. I have tried a number of different positions but I’ve still not passing.

Thank you!

When I ran the test, It said it was passing. So I assume, you have found and fixed the problem. Congratulations on passing the Survey Form.

Hello Alless!

I ran the test again just now and it shows I didn’t pass #4, 5, and 6.

Free Code Camp Survey Form (

Haha. I need to drink some coffee, I’m so tired that I pushed the button, without selecting the test. Well, let me give it another look. : )

I would suggest you use a html and css validator - your code passes the tests but has errors.

For example, text-design is not a valid css rule

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Hello ilenia!

Thank you - I passed last night!

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