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I’m a newbie and this is my first certification project, I was hoping if possible someone could give some feedback, thanks for the trouble.

I tried to make it similar to what I was asked in the course, but I looked at the other feedback posts and saw that they made the form in their style, should I have done it in my style too?

Codepen Link:

Hi @djbrunodf

I think it looks pretty good.
Related with the visual design, you could add white spaces around different sections, content no directly related (like between every pair label-input, for example), and between different items in the same section.
I mean between header and form, for example, the bigger white space (void).
Between fieldsets the second bigger white space.
And then between different group of form controls less white space than those I mention before.
Even you could give to the form a 2em padding, for example, making the layout I think looks cleaner and visually more organized it, just giving different sizes of white spaces.
The same works for font-size. Adding different sizes or font weights, or even playing with font tones can mark wich is a title or label, and wich a paragraph or input, for example.
But, as I have said at the beginning and because you have asked, this is just related to visual design, it looks great, so you could keep going and play with it a bit more later on if you wish. But not important.

Great job! Keep the good work!

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