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Hey there guys, here is my very basic HTML Survey Form so far, where I struggle to have my submit button even show up on there.
For some reason even though it has opening and closing tags as needs it still is inside my last suggestion section instead of being a button.
Don’t really know what to do, I tried to check all tags and went back into the lesson to see how it is done.

Any help or suggestion is very much appreciated.
Thank you!

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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It looks like your submit button is applied correctly, but it’s inside another element (the textarea) that is not applied correctly. Double-check the textarea tag to find any errors.

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Hi @VivaciousViv, you have some typo’s in your code that causes your problem. I’ll give you two things you can do to help yourself;

  1. in codepen, go to your Profile and click the ‘Edit Profile’ button. Choose ‘Editor Preferences’ and then select the ‘Dark Themes’ -> ‘Oceanic Dark’. Using this will help you when you make a typo or omission. You’ll see a red block around the offending part.
  2. You can run your HTML code through the W3C validator. This will show errors to your code that you can address.
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Oh wow, thank you so much Roma!
Turns out i have quite a bit of typo in there, which i will go through tomorrow now.
After reading a couple error codes i immediately was like, dammit i didnt close the suggestion’s opening properly (>) before closing it.
And ta-da i have a submit button!
This did not only save me now, it will definitely help me in the future!
Big big thanks!:+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Yesss well spotted, got it fixed and finally got a submit button yay!
Thanks for your help Darren!:raised_hands:t3:

Glad to help @VivaciousViv. Happy coding!