Survey Form submit button test failed

Hey all,
My project is failing the test on the submit button, I am not sure what I have done wrong.
I have it inside the form element as:

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You want to give your button a value of submit:

Your button’s type attribute should have a value of “submit” : expected undefined to equal ‘submit’
AssertionError: Your button’s type attribute should have a value of “submit”

You may also need to give it an ID of “submit” so that the test script can find it

Good Luck!

PS I found that by clicking on the “Tests” button to find the error on your pen

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Kickflips is right, it is super helpful to look at the error codes in the “Tests” button. In this particular case I was able to get the test to pass in your pen by moving the id=“submit” from your div surrounding the button to the actual button itself like this:

      <div><button id="submit" type="submit" class="button_1">Submit</button></div>

Hope that helps, happy coding!

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Thank you Miguel,
I appreciate the assistance. I kinda figured it was something simple that I was not seeing (ran into a lot of that doing these projects, amazing how a semi-colon or space in the wrong spot can mess things up).

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Thank you kickflips
I appreciate your help.