Survey From - Feedback Appreciated

I kept the design pretty simple I thought that would be best for a form. I think I should implement a confirmation page of some kind, I’ll have to dig into form submission and the like as soon as I get a chance.

Well without further ado, my simple study habit survey form!

  1. You have everything left justified except the text area and the Submit button. The submit button is fine centered, but the text area should line up with the other form elements.

  2. The question “How much time per week do you study?” has radio buttons which should be left justified without the indentation to match the rest of your form elements.

  3. The drop down does not fit the black/white/grey theme you have going with the rest of the form. I suggest sticking with #111 colored text and white background or #111 colored text and #ebebeb background… Also, does the dropdown height need so much top and bottom padding? I think it makes the dropdown stick out too much on the page. Unless the dropdown is supposed to be more important than the other form elements, I suggest making it more like the other form elements.

Thanks @RandellDawson, you’re always very helpful and active. It’s appreciated.