Survey Page Feedback - Generic Employee Onboarding

Would love some feedback on the survey page I created for the FCC project. Any advice on how to make the code more legible, cleaner, or more efficient would be greatly appreciate. As would any advice on design or layout.

Thanks in advance!

@IsThisThingOn, first off;

  • it’s not responsive…that’s a major fail.
  • you’ve shown, without saying it, that this is only for the States. People from other countries do not follow our ZIP code (and it’s ZIP, not Zip) so having that be a required field and then having it fail for not following a pattern that you don’t show is bad form. Put in a placeholder. (for instance, Canada follows an A1A 1A1 pattern)
  • as an aside, since you’ve shown, by asking for a State, that this is a US form you should be aware that it’s illegal to ask for someone’s age (this is a nit though)
  • users should be allowed to click on the labels, not just the little radio button/checkbox
  • change the cursor to pointer when hovering over the submit and reset buttons
  • forms designate required fields with an asterisk. Since you have required fields that are not commonly required it’s best if you designate them
  • think about the required fields. I’m allowed to put in “a” for a street address and “6” for a city. If you’re going to require them you need to perform some kind of minimal check. For this simple form it’s probably best that you don’t show your limitations. By that I mean, don’t require those fields that you’re not checking for valid responses.
  • about required fields, you allow me to say that I was born in the year 4, so just slightly younger than Jesus. If I don’t get hired I’m going to yell “age-ism!” :grinning:

In your HTML code you must named different between your id and your class.