Project Feedback -- Survey Form

Hey FCC!

Looking for some feedback on my survey form, and some possible advice on making it more mobile friendly.


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Hi! Your survey form is very clean and professional looking. I like the colors, esp. the line breaks you have. It’s a good contrast.

If you’re following the fCC User Stories, you gotta make sure you spell all of their requirements correctly - they are case-sensitive. I see you use camel casing instead of using dashes to separate some of your id’s. I know some people don’t follow the objectives, but it could help you keep track of your work, if that’s an issue.

I’d change your input field’s width to 200px instead of 280px (in your .inputField). It’ll help with the resizing.

You don’t have to make your radio and checkbox options into lists. I did that with my first survey and it made things complicated. I’m not completely done with my new survey, but I can give you a link to someone’s survey code I thought was really clean, responsive, and organized. It’s cool to see other ways of accomplishing the same goal.

Make sure you add a min and max to your number/age region. No one can be 150 years old or -6 lol. You could stick with age, or you could do “How many years of experience do you have?” or however you wanna word it. Choose realistic numbers for whatever you choose.

And just make sure your spelling is right (you spelled ‘environment’ incorrectly) :+1:

Can’t think of anything else rn. But I think this might be a good place to start? Hope it helps

@pleeseno Thanks a ton! I made a couple of adjustments and added a media query to help with resizing. Just curious as i just started FCC, is having exact user stories important in regards to user stories? I’m familiar with backend stuff more than frontend so I guess camel case is engrained in me. Do you mind also linking me the survey you reference? (Also, made a couple of adjustments, thanks again :slight_smile: )

Thanks a ton for the reply!

Looks nice and simple. :+1:

No problem at all. I’m just starting fCC too and I’ve only been coding for about 4 months now solid. At least you’re strong in one field of this industry!

I think if you’re looking to get a certificate through fCC then it’s important to follow the user stories b/c you submit each project at the end and I think it all works into your last project, which is a portfolio? Honestly, I’m not there yet :sweat_smile:

I also think following the user stories is pretty helpful in the beginning of things so you understand structure of it all. I don’t use all the ids and classes they tell me to add, but if someone else were to get my code and try to work on it, it may help them to have some key indicators on the page.

Here’s the survey to reference. I really liked how straightforward it is (shout out to @skj!):

I hope it helps!