FCC Survey Form - Feedback Please!

Hey, this is my first time posting and I’m excited to join the community! Anyways, I was looking for feedback on my Survey Form Project. I wanted to keep it simple and relatively close to the sample since it was my first project.

I would appreciate any criticism on my design and/or anything on the project. It would also help me a lot if you took the time to go over my code to point out any best practices I am missing.

I decided not to resort to any external libraries or things like Bootstrap. But I’m open to implementing some aspects into the survey form in something like a v2.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night!
Here is the link to my Codepen

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as for best practices i had to click on ‘tidy html’ just so i could read it comfortably because it was all indented way too much.

other than that it looks good, i would have liked to see more differences to the formatting of the page as its hard to tell if you just copied and pasted the example code and changed the values or if you made it yourself. as this is all practice and its not like you are getting marks on it, it does not really matter if one chooses to copy whole examples, they just miss out of the learning. i am assuming you wrote the code out yourself though.

Sorry about the formatting, I had copied and pasted the code from VS Code quickly and didn’t look to see if the indentations were appropriate. I fixed them on my Code pens and everything should be looking better.

And yes, I did code this myself but looked at the sample project as a reference to know how to design my survey form. If you don’t mind I would appreciate it, if you reviewed my technical documentation - feedback post. Thanks so much!