Survey Form Project Feedback/Criticism

Hello all!

Preface - FCC is my first true foray into coding since doing some minor HTML back in the Myspace days. Happy to be jumping into such a supportive and helpful community like this!

I’d love to get some feedback on my Survey Form project. Its admittedly pretty simple, but any feedback/criticism is much appreciated :+1:


an excellent attempt. Im not sure if css grid would work in a page like this but its definitely a very creative solution. Most of the css seems dedicated to the layout but the page isnt very responsive. A little css styling would help especially since there seems to be a lot of whitespace

Looks good! If anything I would add a media query or two to make the page look better on smaller screens. Resize the window and see if anything starts to look odd or could be improved and go from there.

Keep it up!

Thanks! I appreciate the insight!