[Feedback]Survey form for fcc

Thanks all of you again.Tell me your opinion.

Nice job on this. There are a few things you need to change:

  • Make the inputs a little larger and make their borders a little thinner. I feel like they are kind of crammed up too much.
  • The background image is a little blurry. It’s probably because it’s a png or a jpeg image. Read this article on how and why you should use svg’s.
  • add some padding to the inside of your form window.
  • The text against that background image is kind of hard to see. Increase the opacity of the form’s background a little bit.
  • You submit button would look better if it was a little better.

Nice work. Keep it up.

i follow your instructions.I think that i made something better than earlier.What do you think?

i am as well a starter, but damn! that looks neat!
well done!

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