Survey Project help plix

There is my code so far. It says I only have 12/17. Im really not sure what else i’m missing. I really need help to push past this but just cant seem to find what i am still missing. someone pls help! I think i posted my code right in here.

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The error messages spell out what you are missing. If you are confused about what a specific error message means then please be specific here. But I really think if you just read through the error messges carefully you will be able to figure it out.

Hi @bryson2128!
I see that your project now passes all the tests, congratulations on your work! :clap: :clap:

However, the code still has some errors. Identifying them and solving them will help you learn even more! :muscle:

Codepen has some very useful tools to check your code and help you detect errors.
Here how to access the HTML inspector:

Similarly you access the CSS inspector:

Cheers and happy coding!! :keyboard: :wink: