Survey project, stuck with a few things need help

Hi! i have been doing my survey project and i have a few things that i dont understand or have been trying to fix and its killing me so i would love some help and also feedback about how it looks, thank you!

Beer Survey Project

So my problems are:

:pinching_hand:-I dont know if its ok to use the fieldsets for checkbox and radio buttons between all those other parts of the form wrapped in divs, i did it for accesibillity but idk if its equal to do it as the example shows, using divs too with p for the legends.

:pinching_hand:- these checkboxes and radio buttons look horrible and i cant put the mark boxes beofore the texts or change them to a normal size that fits in the flow of the page and looks nice, i really hate this one xd.

:pinching_hand:- i tried to add padding to mi “.subheadings” class and it doesnt add it between them and the input box, it actually fucks up my background image and i dont understand why.

Also i think the background image is not well coded and shouldnt be done like that, all of this things ive been trying to fix for a few hours but dont know well.

I think there s poor coding in this one or something i dont get it but it seems like its really fragile and things dont work well. If u could help me improve it i would really appreciate it :3

thank you for reading <3.

Yes, you should be using fieldset with legend for the radio and checkbox groupings. It’s good that you are thinking about accessibility. Don’t change a thing there. You just need to change the <p> above the textarea to a <label> and I think you’ve got them all.

The reason you can’t get the radio buttons/check boxes in front of the text is because you have all inputs set to width 100%. I don’t think you want to do that for the radio buttons/check boxes.

I’m not sure what the problem with adding padding on .subheadings is. You’ll have to be more specific. And don’t know what you consider wrong about the background. Please explain.

One suggestion I will make is do not use pixels to define heights on inputs and such. You want the heights to be able to grow as the font size is increased. Use ‘em’ if you need to declare a height.

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