Suvey Page Help!

This code here:

body {
position: fixed;
I understand that I need the image to be static when I scroll, but applying the above code removes my ability to scroll my Survey Page.
I need to know how to get my scroll bars back without changing the static nature of my background image:

You should change the body style to a class and apply it to a seperate div, so that the div will be your background, not the entire body

I tried it your way, didn’t work exactly.

that work for me

Okay that worked. What I want to know now is why having the div open and close at the top work? I thought it had to encompass the entire code below?
like this:

… sum code \

… finish code

The div is fixed so everything will ignore it, so it fine. But when you wrap that div all around, it work just like the body tag(make everything inside fixed aswell) so it wont work. That also why it didnt work at the beginning.