Syntax error: unexpected end of input

(Making a discord bot)

I have this really weird problem, the very last letter in my code is for whatever reason red underlined. Now i am completely new to coding, im still learning the basics and i started only a few days ago, so this is really confusing??

at first it was the closing bracket that comes after the bot token, since i kept the token as the very last line. i moved the token to the top and now the last curly bracket is underlined. i can’t get my bot to go online unless this is fixed :frowning:

There’s nothing wrong with the visible code. It’s more than likely you’ve got an extra bracket somewhere further up. Impossible to say for sure. If you show all the code it may be easier to find.

It seems i did miss a bracket, but when i place it where i think it should go, its still underlined. I really dont know anything about this, all i did was watch some tutorials

I managed to solve it!