Discord Bot | SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input

Having some issues getting my code running. I suspect it might be due to me missing a matching }. However I’m not seeing it. A second set of eye would be very much appreciated.

Code Below:

I am using the Cloud IDE replit to run this code. It was used in this tutorial.
Tutorial Link

I used it to get a foundation for the bot. Maybe I’m running into this issue due to a quirk in replit, I figured it was worth mentioning.

if statement is missing ending brace }. also if client.login(mySecret) isn’t supposed to be part of your client.on(“message”) callback function then your callback function is also missing ending curly brace }.

I tried adding an extra curly brace, but now I’m getting a Unexpected token ‘)’ error on line 31. And the login line shouldn’t be part of the second client.on function.

Could you just throw up a quick example of correct syntax? Nothing I seem to try works.

I was able to find the solution. I just jumped into Javascript and Node.js without learning about how they close their blocks.

Solution Below.

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