Unexpected token error when I do .addsubcommand

So when I do .addsubcommand it spits out an error for an unexpected token for the . At the start If anyone knows how to fix it and the code editor that I’m using is replit so yeah I’m trying to make a startup command for my Southwest Florida roleplay session bot and I have to do a at everyone ping so it alerts everyone in the server

To clarify, I’m on node.js version 18.16.1 and I do have discord.js. I don’t know what version that I have but yeah I know that I have discord.js

down below is going to be a screenshot of the error that I’m getting

Without seeing your code, we can only give very general debugging advice.
“Unexpected token” almost always actually means that you missed a character earlier on. Usually it’s a closing quote or bracket. Probably whatever that method is being called on is missing something. Presumably your code is something along the lines of

const somthing = new Thing().aMethod("some parameter").otherMethod(['parameter', 'array'])
.addSubcommand(subcommand =>...

The previous entity in the chain before addSubcommand is probably where the syntax error is. Count your paretheses, brackets, quotes, and so on.

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As said we need to see your code. Link to your Replit if you still need help.

The docs have an example that might help with the syntax.

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