Take a look at my Tarot reading app for Android

So, 20 days after finishing my front-end developer course here on Code Camp, I’ve already built my first android app using Phonegap/Cordova. It’s called Practical Tarot Reading. I won’t upload it to Play Store now because of that $25 fee one must pay to create an account there. I already tested the apk and it’s working 100%. But I’d like you to take a look at my code on Git https://github.com/pierremacedo/practical-tarot-reading

Thank you all.

since the text explanations fill the whole screen, you need a way to dismiss them without having to scroll back to the top.

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Thanks. I did that setting modal to overflow-y: hidden, modal-content to height: 95vh, and modal-body to overflow-y: auto.

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I have a question. I saw many paid apps were publish as apk files on many store/website like apknite, aptoide, apkmirror… and they are free. so how do developers get guaranteed benefits? =_=

I feel pretty much at mobidescargar app completely free

Madness! Is that on top of % commissions on any sales? How about ‘F-Droid’?

At least with Andriod you have choices.

Too many people are blinded by Google, and they don’t know about alternatives to the centralised monopolist.

Is this application available to mod through a mod tool? Because I want to mod…

Hey @floraolivia!
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