Take a peak at my portfolio! Its pink!

what do you guys and ladies reckon? constructive feedback is muchly appreciated. Much love x. Here he is - Conal Holmes


You and I have very different definitions of the word Pink. That is bloody red!

I really like the composition and the layout and the images, like how the navbar looks, but I think that those color combinations would give me a headache. :frowning:

I like your portfolio, the colors you chose, and it looks great on the desktop - so kudos there!

But I would look at your page on cell phone and tablet layouts. The responsive design aspect of your site could be improved.

Here is a link that might help.

You did a Good job! :+1:
Your color scheme is badass… I like it…
Just fix the responsiveness of your page maybe.

I’m afraid I will have to settle on raspberry :stuck_out_tongue:. Yeah I definitely need to work on how it behaves on smaller devices cause it goes to hell :(. I found https://color.adobe.com/ really handy for picking colours that contrast; all be-it a little loudly. Thanks for the feedback all x.