Personal Portfolio - Please feedback

Hi, i finally got around making the last project from the responsive web design course, please have a look:

I’m interested in any feedback, i think i used very strong colors, and i would like opinions on how they look together, picking colors have been my weakest side by far in these projects, i found myself changing colors every hour because i’m not comfortable picking a palette, so any advice or reads on color theory are welcome!

I plan on revisiting this personal portfolio in one month, once i finish the javascript course, so i can further improve it.

Cheers and have a good day! :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: fixed broken img url.

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It seems that your images on the page are broken :frowning:

I have a hard time choosing colors as well, for people like us, I would highly recommend checking this page out, as you can choose from an assortment of different color palettes that look great together.

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Oh no, they are broken indeed :(, i’ll fix it and check the page you linked, thanks for the heads up!

I think that red is too bright and agressive for background

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It looks great! Little tweaks will make it look awesome. Keep going!
For the images, you can try changing the src attribute for your images to “http” instead of “https”.
I have the same problem with choosing colors.
My suggestion would be to give priority to readability of your website content more than the colors. The text is black and the background color also seems to be dark, making it tough to read.

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Thanks for the advice about the images, i really rushed this project, started it 4 hours ago and haven’t stopped, there are a lot of small changes i have in my TODO list, and i’ll definitely revisit this project once i finish the JavaScript Section

I have to scroll down to see who you are, probably should be visible without scrolling. I can’t imagine this is what you want people to see first:

The Home, Projects, and Contact navbar does not work for me. Using Safari on iPad.

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Thanks for the feedback <3, i had a typo in my nav element, the navbar should be functional now. i also forgot to add the -webkit prefix, but should be fixed now.

Nice theme, lovely that you include mailto and tel links. I’m following you on GitHub.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I really like the structure of your page, but the colors are too vivid and flare in my eyes too much.

When I hover my mouse over your project tiles, the growing animation is really nice, but when i move my mouse out, it just resizes instantly to default. A quick animation of moving back would be nice.

When I hover over the navigation links on the top, the grey doesn’t really match the blue. A light greenish blue would.

At all else, great job.

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