Tech to create Landing page for interior designer?

Hi there!

I decided to help my fiancee to make a first step and create a simple “landing” page, which shows portfolio of her projects and maybe gives some details on methods/approaches/philosophy behind them. Also it could work as a CV and a contact point. Of course I dont want it to be bold and need to be creative with large pictures, minimalist design, etc.

I’ve created couple pages 4 years ago using MDL elements with basic knowledge of html/css. Still I am new to web programming, I decided to study a week or so and then create a page (time to money). So far I installed webpack with SSAS and babel for JS and materal design components from Well at least this works. To my surprise, I didn’t find elements like header, footer and carousels. Is it something I need to put in html myself?

What is a general approach to create a landing page? Do you copy-paste elements from MDC/Material Bootstrap over in notepad or using smart tools? Do you start with layout and then fill it with elements. Can I continue using material for this purpose though I dont see basic elements to take.

Thanks for your help,