Is a Landing Page a good project?

I am thinking about projects I want to include on my portfolio website. I am a front-end dev and was wondering if having three different landing page projects is a good idea. It could show I have a basic understanding of html, css, javascript, and react, BUT would you consider that too basic?

And if I do decide to do three different landing pages, how should I go about doing it? There’s plenty of examples of landing pages, would I just look at those and basically copy the format, choose my own color scheme and images. Or is there layouts of landing pages on Figma that I can copy so I don’t have to worry about the design aspect, then I could just make sure input areas are functioning properly?

A landing page doesn’t have to be simple but I’m not sure why you would make three different landing pages instead of creating something else as well.

Showing you can turn a design into code is valuable, showing you can create a design yourself is just value added. But then you also need to come up with a good design which is easier said than done.

Very true, three would be unnessary, I will work on one landing page and do different things for my other projects. Thanks

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They’re ok for starter/learning projects, so if I saw a portfolio with projects like that I’d assume the person is at the beginning stages of their journey.

By all means build one (not three) if that’s what stage you’re at, but continue moving forward with more advanced projects afterwards.

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I agree with @miketandy . That feels like a project mostly for a learning exercise. If it’s the focus of your portfolio I will assume that you are a student. That’s fine. Everyone needs to be a student before they can be anything else. As your skill and experience grows, I really encourage you to build a real project. A demo will only ever be a demo and it tends to be pretty obvious. On the other hand, if you have an idea for something cool that you would genuinely like to exist then get started on the simplest version of that and just keep improving it as you learn more. That is the sort of project that will make you stand out in interviews.

In my opinion, a landing page is a real project. As I said, it doesn’t have to be simple there are landing pages with complex designs.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty of devs that would struggle to implement some of the more complex designs you might see.

Obviously, no one is going to be very impressed if that is all you have on your portfolio but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one.

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Thanks for including this link, those landing pages look very good. Are landing pages usually one page? I am trying to click on the designs and it only shows me one page instead of taking me to the entire landing page. I thought a landing page would have multiple sections that you can scroll to similar to the layout of a portfolio website

@ArielLeslie @miketandy Thank you both for the honest feedback! If a landing page comes across as student work/starter project/less advanced, what are some projects that if executed properly…will make you a competitive applicant for front-end junior dev positions? Some things I have seen are e-commerce websites, portfolio website itself (to me this counts as a project), a responsive website with advanced interactions, landing page, interactive educational quiz game, etc. I want to have 2-3 projects on my portfolio website before I start seriously looking for a job. In your opinion, what would be the best 3 for a front-end dev to have?

I think a good idea would be to build a project management system that facilitates Agile working. Doing something like that would enable you to build a full stack app that’s useful, while giving you the opportunity to learn about Agile workflows and showing off that knowledge to prospective employers as well. One project like that, built over the course of a couple of months, would give you a lot to talk about in interviews.

You could base this off existing platforms like Jira or Azure Devops, specifically the ability to create tickets and move those across a kanban board.

I think building a management system of some sort would be a more valuable learning exercise than focusing on design aspects like you would by building a landing page.

You could use a library like Ant Design to make it visually attractive and professional looking with relatively little effort.

But there’s nothing stopping you creating a project like that with a cool landing page.

On beginner portfolios you see a lot of smaller projects like landing pages, quizzes, games etc… if you built something with real utility and that echoed what you would be building in a company, that would make you stand out.

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