How many projects to have on a portfolio and other questions?

Hi guys, I was wondering how many projects should I include in my portfolio? Right now I have 7 projects, but should I include all of my projects, switch some out as I make more , or have some on github and some on the portfolio?

Some of my projects need some work and aren’t so complex, but do you think I’m ready for a Junior Front End Job? What are good projects to work on?

My portfolio:

Thanks guys!


I would suggest getting some more experience. Your projects are very simple, but you are on the right track. Just look up some more projects that makes you go out of your comfort zones. And just keep learning, and then… Junior Developer.

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Thanks for the feedback. When I look up projects I’m not really sure which to do. Could you suggest one so I can get a better idea of what I should be working on?

Here are some easy ones you can do that I thought improves my skills a little bit:

And I read through everything in W3schools How to section to see more things I could do with HTML & CSS (it takes a long time to read through them all, you can just look at some of them):


thanks for the links I’ll try them out.

I don’t think there is a “right” number for how many projects you should have, you can have 500 simple projects, and know less than someone with 1 very complex project.

With that said, all the projects are rather simple. Maybe too simple to get a job for it. If you had 1 full stack app that integrated a lot of what you have in some of the projects that would be a good sign. Without any example like that your showing off primarily contact forms, I’ll say the designs you have look clean, but I’m looking for functionality.

For example the most complex app is the todo app, which is still fairly simple and relies on localStorage. This is a decent show of functionality, but it still feels a little to “simple”, so it feels more like a demo of a project rather than a full fledged project you can point to and say “hire me, I made this!”

Keep learning keep building, increase some complexity, and maybe learn a little back-end so you can build something more complex. Or focus on increasing your designs so you can “show them off as design products”. Again the goal is to get your projects to a point where at least some of them you can point to and brag about to show you know your stuff.

Good luck, keep building, and keep learning!


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll start looking into full stack ideas and other more complex projects I could try out. Do you have any recommendations so I know what a more complex project looks like compared to a more simple project?

I would suggest adding to your profile your name and something about you. Right now looking at your profile it says nothing about who you are.

Some of your projects don’t tell the user how to use them at the website, i.e. frogger, tip calculator.

Other projects are obviously incomplete in terms of function - to do, login form, contact form. They are just designs.

For ideas:
You could expand on the Misha site. The Videos and BucketList links do nothing. You have a poll question which appears to do nothing other than change the text of the element. Maybe you could track responses in a database and display the vote count to users. The slide show calls on the user to click on it to take action, but no response on click, you can make that happen. The latest blog area of the home page doesn’t do anything, that should go to the latest blog. It says to follow you on social media. Only one of your three social media icons display (on Safari, they do display on Firefox but it’s not cross browser compatible) and they don’t link to anything, they’re just images without links. You could make it a “passion project” make everything work, get your cat on Twitter etc.

For the frogger game you could change how the cars cross the screen so it is random rather than the same the whole time. The frogger game varies the cars. You could add a scoring system and allow users to create an account to save their scores in a database and compete against other users and display top scores.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I did start on improving my cat’s website and will look into to what you said. As for Frogger, your suggestions were a great way to expand it.

I should include descriptions for each app as I just noticed that “on hover” does not work properly on tablets.

You said my todo was incomplete? Could you explain why?

Thanks =)

Why not get practice on the freeCodeCamp projects and frontend mentor ? If what you are looking for is a frontend position I think that’d be perfect, but I have yet to try it myself! Also, when you’ll get good after a lot of fun practice, you can just develop few big but GOOD and well made projects for your portfolio :slight_smile:

So lets take the TODO app, as a TODO app can be scaled up and down in terms of requirements to show off a bunch of skill levels.

I can see a lot of ways to improve the TODO app so it shows of more knowledge of other approaches/ technologies:

  • Make each TODO bigger, so I can add/remove more than 1 line
  • Support rich text editing, so I can format what I write
  • Export/import TODOs so I can back them up/re-upload them
  • Organize TODO’s
    • drag and drop
    • sorting, searching, filtering, color coding, labels
  • Add support to save files/pictures

If you really wanted to go further, you could integrate a back-end and add all of these features, along with security+authentication system and get closer to top of the line TODO apps.

I’m not say you need to learn all of this stuff, but these are features that exist on production TODO apps, that you could know how to do yourself.


It is nice to see that you have worked on many projects. Keep your hard work and try to get experience in more complex projects. Also, you need to add a bio to your profile.

Maybe I should have said it could use some improvement rather than incomplete. The filter is so buggy that it just doesn’t work properly so I thought maybe you were still working on it.

You can check off all three filters at once. Which isn’t necessarily wrong but it just doesn’t filter properly. The filter options you have are ones that a user would only want to pick one of the three options. You could use radio buttons or select and option tags so only one filter option is selected at a time and that might make coding the filtering logic easier.

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