What projects projects

what kind of projects should i built as a front end developer before apply for job… can someone give me this list

Build the best projects you can build.

Start simple. Don’t make anything too complex until you know you’re ready for it. Gradually get more complicated. Find opportunities to incorporate new libraries as you learn.

There is no magic project idea that will land you a job. I don’t think they really care much - they worry more about if it is coded well and works well.

Just build things that sound interesting to you or offer a challenge you want to explore. Just build stuff.

I guess I would add to have a diversity of apps. You don’t want 5 different versions of a To Do app.

i dont understand what you mean by … You don’t want 5 different versions of a To Do app.
because i listen to lots of people in youtube and google… so i dont know what to do

What I mean is that you want apps that do different things.

Have you done the FCC curriculum? You end up building a lot of projects with that.

I don’t know how to suggest projects because I have no idea of your level. But start out with things like in the FCC curriculum. Maybe making yourself a first rate portfolio site. Maybe a nice TO Do app. If you want to make it even snazzier, give it a backend or store the data in a DB like Firebase or whatever.

If I google “developer portfolio project ideas”, I get a lot of suggestions, including this one.

But again, they don’t care how original the idea is. They aren’t hiring you to be an “idea person” - they have people for that. You are showing off your coding skills.

I would just pick a few things that you think might be fun. Look at other people’s portfolios and see what they have done. Gradually choose more complex ideas that use gradually more complex technology.

Don’t get paralyzed with indecision. Just build something. Even if it’s a stupid idea, just build stuff.

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