Portfolio or Landing Page?

Hi, all.

Been a minute since I’ve been on here. Had an internship and it went well…until it didn’t. Life comes at ya fast, and all that. I did get some stellar recommendations and praise from the team, who wants to continue to help me, even pairing with me on my projects.

With that said, I am moving soon and soon after that, I want to start looking for remote work as I will be moving to a small town with really not a lot of web dev jobs.

I have two sites, one a full-fledged portfolio and another just a understated landing page with all my links. Which stands out to you as something…I don’t know? Which one is more professional? I know which one is more visually appealing but I am not necessarily looking for a design position. I want my code to speak for itself.

Here is my landing page and my portfolio.

What do you think I should use?


I’m no expert, but I like the portfolio much better.


I’m not an expert either, but I’ll give my opinion.

I like the landing page quite a bit. The design is nice and simple and looks good. The problem is that it doesn’t give enough information, but just links.

Your portfolio is good as well. Some of the fonts don’t seem to be consistent, and I don’t think the typing text at the top presents you nearly as well as the blank landing page, but the portfolio has the content about you which is important.

If you could standardize some of the fonts, maybe make the header a little more simple like your landing page, and tweak the portfolio tiles a little bit, I think the portfolio would look great.

I would write out a couple character sketches of people who you think will be viewing your site. If you are sending your page with a resume to a design firm, would they be more interested in seeing a place with links about you, or do they want to see what you know in a glance. Try to think of at least three different types of people that will be viewing your website, and try to model the business approach to capture their attention.


I’m student of web dev. I will suggested that your portfolio website is very simple. as you front end developer you should very simple design and description your profile links.

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I basically just took a theme for the portfolio and added some stuff to it, like the typing and copyright function, and the blinking terminal.

I really don’t plan on applying to design firms anytime soon. And I’m pretty impartial to the landing page because it’s just simple.

I’ll take your advice on making some character sketches which is something I never really thought about.

Thanks for your input.

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Agreed. I’m still going to keep the portfolio code around because it is kinda cool. But simplicity is best.

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I updated the portfolio to be my landing page. You can take a look at it on my portfolio.

Some of those icons aren’t instantly obvious to me. I would suggest putting tooltips on them. And how does one get to a portfolio page?

The wording of my last post is weird. That is my portfolio now. I’ll look at adding tooltips tonight. Thanks for the tip.

Yes, I understood that. Perhaps we are disagreeing what a portfolio is. To me it is a place to see all your projects, a chance to show off your work.