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Hi, my fourth project:

I passed the tests and added another ‘navbar’ fixed at the top. Please check it and let me know your opinions/suggestions. Thanks

Hi! I’m new too, so take my feedback with a grain of salt.

From my perspective, for design it looks a little overwhelming. Maybe add hr borders between sections to split them up more. I’d also change some of the fonts up between headers and p sections.

And for the responsive media queries, I would lower the font-size the smaller the screen is. Also the navbar is hard to navigate when the screen gets smaller. Consider taking out the top navbar altogether because it kind of cramps everything?

Other than those opinions it looks like you’re on a solid path!

Thank you for the feedback; I’ve made a few of the changes. Concerning the top navbar, I would like it to stay though I wanted one that has a hoverable dropdown for smaller screens, but I still don’t know how to do that. When I get the code for that I will work on the navbar. If you know how to do that, please help.

You did a good job, but I wouldn’t suggest two <nav>'s on the top of the page. Just use one. The first nav links do’t work. :frowning:
At all else, great job. Keep up the great coding

Hi Nesh-code,
looks good, nice and responsive. 2 suggestions are

  • The headings get a bit lost in the main text. Maybe make them a little bigger

  • The green background and font on the navbar are a little bit difficult to read. Maybe change the font or the background color

Keep up the great work

Thanks for the feedback. The links on the top navbar don’t work because I designed them that way. I really would like to have both navbars but apply hoverable dropdown to minimize the top navbar when used in a smaller screen. I’m still working on that :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Ronan, let me make the changes.

Alright. Notify me when you’re done!

Sure Conner, I will notify you :slight_smile:

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Hey Conner,
I did my best. Please check:

Any further opinions/suggestions are welcome!