Technical Doc - Stuck on a problem for mobile viewport

Oct 20’ Hey there I am nearly finished with the TDP I am very open to any feedback! I am currently having and issue with my page looking fine on my laptop as well as when the viewport is smaller.

When i view it through my iphone 6s and through safari and chrome the bottom images stretch vertically. However viewing it through my girlfriend’s huawei nouvo 3i shows no problems.

I’m a bit confused and would appreciate any help, thanks!

It looks fine for me. I don’t know, maybe you fixed it. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a simulation of a mobile device through a browsers dev tools or a page on codepen - there may be something getting mixed up.

It’s great that you’re thinking about these things, but I wouldn’t worry about it until your out of codepen and can see it more directly in a browser. Even then, I’d want to see it on a mobile devices browser to be sure.

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