Here is my project, and I need your help!

Hi everyone, here is my Product Landing Page for the fCC test.

I’m looking for feedback here, but since I intend to re-use this in the future, there is something not quite right on mobile platforms:

the page doesn’t look like it “stretches” all the way down to fill the viewport, as it was supposed to do.

I’m using Firefox web dev to debug it but I don’t get it. Any ideas here?

Hello friend,
You need to share with us your source code ( HTML and CSS) so we can inspect it and tell you what to do in order to get what you want :call_me_hand:

What do you mean? I linked the codePen to the project in the description. Do you need something else that I can help with?

:joy: Sorry I didn’t pay attention to it.
I will give you my feedback