Product Landing Page - request for feedback


Could you help me with my Product Landing Page? I thought it worked as intended until I pushed it live to Github. On Codepen the navbar nicely scales down in mobile view to be visible in its entirety in the viewport. See here:

But in Debug Mode and on GitHub the navbar stretched way beyond the viewport:

Codepen Debug: [I had to delete the link due to the 2-link restriction for new users but you can see the same thing on GitHub below]


Any ideas how to fix it?


Seems to scale fine for me?

Weird. This is what I’m getting on my Redmi Note 4, on Chrome

I loaded it on my mobile and ran in to the same issue.

It LOOKS like it might be your video embed. The video extends beyond the width of my phone and stretches out the page, and the nav-bar extends itself to match that.

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It seems you were right! I changed the header’s width from 100% to 100vw and it works fine :slight_smile: