Technical Document, Feedback

I’ve finished up my Technical Document.
I’ve tried to keep this one cleaner and more straightforward then some of my past projects, which i think has helped. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi @PMorgan

Most of all I love the way you’ve done the left-side menu. It’s great it’s glued to the left and when I scroll the menu the page is not scrolled down! I like it.

What I don’t like is the way you styled the <code> tag. It’s awful for eyes. I suggest you to change the background of it to more lighter and more pleasant color and as a result, maybe you will also need to change the color property.

You’re right, the <code> colour scheme of white on black was a bit harsh. Thanks for the push to look to improve it. Delved into css colour matching a bit and came across a nice yellow on blue combination which i think still ensures it stands out, but isn’t as offensive :).
Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!