Technical Documentation - Feedback Welcome

Hi there,

Please tell me what you think of my Technical Documentation Page. Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated, thank you!

i like it! it’s got all the bells and whistles expected. My notes for improvement would only be:
-reconsider the colors. black background makes it hard to read for some people

  • the 3 dot menu is cool but also a bit hard to find. Maybe use something that people understand as the menu symbol.

great work.

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As a designer, I agree with @hbar1st. Try making the menu white on black or blue, and the page itself black on white. Great job, though.

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Thank you @hbar1st and @b3u! The menu icon has been changed to a more common hamburger icon. I personally prefer a dark background against a light foreground so I will keep it as it is. However, in my future projects I will consider adding a button that allows switching color themes to accommodate more tastes of flavors.