Technical Documentation Page: Expecting feedback

Just finished my ‘Technical Documentation Project’. Any feedback is appreciated.



Looks good. I like the vertical navbar. Might want to change fonts and spacings though - i like the responsiveness of it to mobile as well

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Looks quite nice! that python documentation title could use some padding on the left side to make it farther from the hamburger menu, which needs a vertical align. Like do a margin top
I would try to keep the typography consistent, and also change it to something other than Arial, like do maybe helvetica or roboto! Roboto looks nice tho

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Also, change up that colorscheme, like add a differrent shade of grey. It makes it a lil’ more spicier.

I like the way you presented the code pieces, but add some sort of darker background to it to distinguish it from something else. Like maybe add a small darker gray background with idk 15px padding and a border radius.

@SamiTheNerd @dgcook95 Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into your guys’ suggestions.