Technical Documentation Feedback

Hi all,

I just finished my attempt at the Technical page and I would appreciate any and all feedback. I added dark mode which was interesting and I am interested so we what you think.

Thanks in advance.

Technical Doc with dark mode


Fantastic layout, looks professional.
Well-structured CSS file with modern properties like “all”.

Nice job, you have really done your homework.

Suggestion: The code-cards need a higher contrast and a slightly bigger font-size, for better readability.

Thank you @ [DanielHuebschmann] for the feedback as I really appreciate it. I will certainly go back and refactor that card with your suggestion.

Do you have a background in design? I was a web/ ui designer before I changed to development and I’ve seen worse from professional designers. Really good.

No I am not a designer at all, I was just trying to see if I could duplicate the page using my own code and then I just added other items that I thought were cool but challenging.

Makes it even more impressive. With such a good eye you are well equipped for UI development. Though I would suggest to learn fullstack because AI will very likely automate much of the frontend work in the coming decade.

Thank you, I really appreciate it and will do just that.

I would also appreciate your feedback on my tribute page as well.

Same as in your other project: You for sure have an eye for layouts and design in general.

If the future of designers wasn’t so uncertain (it was always a risky business, but AI enhances the problem), I would have recommended you to look into a digital design career.

You are better off as a developer and you can still use your visual skills for UI development.

One thing to improve: reduce the width of the text in the white segments on desktop. Most users don’t like long sentences and will skip the information.

Thank you and I took your advice. I have updated the cards so that the font is larger on smaller screens and I have added a menu option as well.