Technical Documentation Page always gives 15/16 test result!

Hi, I’m trying to complete the technical documentation page challenge. The issue is that it always gives 15/16 as a result. I checked a lot of times, and I looked into the other solutions on codepen, but it’s always 15/16.

Is there something wrong with how the test is running?

Link to my solution:

I tried running the test and saw full marks, 16/16.

Can you be more specific with the error message you get?

I got 16/16 when I ran the test, good job!

Thank you both for your reply. I ran the test again in an incognito mode and it passed. It must be one of the browser’s extensions that’s causing the error.

Hi @hussam, did you look to see what test was failing? If you click on the red button it will show you the failing test and give help as to what failed and why.
One thing I can think of is for the Technical Doc page there is a requirement that the nav bar be on the left for regular sized devices (laptops, desktops). If you run the tests with your browser window smaller that one test will fail. It’s the first test in the #Layout section.

As said it is expected to fail at lower screen sizes. If you read the assert message it tells you.

Please run this test in a larger window (before any media queries) : expected 850 to be above 850