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Heyy i really can’t pass the test and i don’t know whyyy
the code pen

The section header text, section id and the href that links to it should all use the same text.


<a class="nav-link" href="#What_you_should_already_know" >What you should already know</a>

<section class="main-section" id="What_you_should_already_know">
    <h2>What you should already know</h2>
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Hi fakerbz,

The failing test says:

Each element with the class of “main-section” should also have an id comprised of the innerText contained within it, with underscores in place of spaces.

And later it gives an example:

The <section> that contains the header, “JavaScript & Java”, should have a corresponding id=“JavaScript_&_Java”

In the context of the code this would look like:

    <section class="main-section" id="JavaScript_&_Java">
        <header><h2>JavaScript & Java</h2></header>

Can you spot the pattern and apply it to your project?
(No extra spaces, and _ for legit spaces between words)

Hint: when you change your IDs it will break your navigation, so you have to update them there as well.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

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I have moved your post into a more suitable sub-forum.

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Thank u :heart_eyes:
one last thing what is the problem with my grid

That is a pretty cool feature, wonder when that was added. Firefox has really good CSS Grid dev tools.

Anyway, it’s because of position: fixed on the element. The element is taken out of normal document flow and can’t be placed using grid item placement.


Thank you all i had completed the certificate already thank you guys for the help i appriciate that alot :heart:

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