Technical Documentation Page HTML/CSS project

Hi guys!
I’m currently working on the HTML/CSS project “Technical Documentation Page.”

I ran into this issue and can’t pass this requirement
" The .main-section elements should contain at least 5 elements total (not each)."

Could you please help take a look at my code? I can’t seem to find where the problem is.

Here’s the link to the code:

Thank you guys so much in advance!

There are not at least 5 <code> elements throughout all of the elements with the class of 'main-section' : expected 2 to be at least 5

you have only 2 code elements, as it says in the error message below the failed userstory

thank you for your reply!
but i thought I already had at least 5 code elements… or am I misunderstanding something?

can you point them out? I don’t see five of them

these elements:

you have only two of these

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ahh!! now i get it. It’s literally <code> element!
thank you so much @ilenia